Enable and collect feedback on a module

You can enable feedback for any part of your event, which can be useful to report anything which isn’t working properly or to gauge your guests’ reactions to content.

  1. To enable feedback on a module, navigate to the module and enter the “Settings” menu by clicking the button on the sidebar to the left.
  2. From the options displayed on the right, scroll down to “Feedback”. You can also access this menu by clicking the orange button that says “Form Settings” to the right of the “Manager Tools” bar.
  3. Check the box which reads “Enable Quick Feedback”.
  4. If you would like to categorize the feedback to make analysing the results easier enter anything relevant to the “Feedback Categories” field. For example, if you would like to gather feedback only about the streaming quality of a video you could create a category named “Video Quality” or “Stream Quality”. You can enter as many categories as you like. These will then be displayed as a drop-down menu within the feedback tab.
  5. Select a title for your feedback tab, such as “Leave Feedback” or “Feedback” so that your guests know where to post any feedback.
  6. You can leave a message about why you are collecting the feedback under the field “Feedback Introduction”.
  7. You can inform your guests when the feedback tab is live by ticking the “Show Feedback Message” box.
  8. You can customise the message that your guests see in the field marked “Feedback Alert Message” (e.g. “You can now leave Feedback for this speaker by clicking HERE”)
  9. Click “Save and Exit”
  10. To the top right of the next screen, you should now see your feedback tab (named using your title if you created one). If you click on that link, you can leave feedback in the fields or select categories to leave feedback for as appropriate.