Create a form or questionnaire

Creating a Form, Assessment or Questionnaire

Questionnaires, assessments and data capture forms on Connect My Event are all made by creating form modules. For more information on this see the Modules section.

To set a questionnaire for your guests (including to gather feedback for the event):

  1. Create a new module (for more information click here) by clicking the “Add Sidebar Module” button on the sidebar to the left.
  2. Type a name for your questionnaire in the “Module Name” field.
  3. Select “Questionnaire” from the “Module type” drop down menu.
  4. Choose where you want guests to find and access the questionnaire within your event space by choosing the appropriate “Display Location” setting (for more information on how and where Modules are displayed, please refer to the “Modules” Section)
  5. Click the green “Save and Exit” button.
  6. Click the orange “Form Settings” button if you want to modify the title or description or customise how the form appears when submissions are closed (optional).

Adding questions to forms

  1. Navigate to the module where the form is located
  2. Click the “Add Question” green button to the righ

The Subject/Field Name box is important for tracking the data gathered in forms.

The “Text Prompt” field is the actual text that will appear to the user on the form itself.

For example: Field name = SURNAME; text prompt = What is your surname?

  1. The “Question Type” field allows you to define how your guests give their answers. For more information on this see our separate “Defining Form Answers” section.
  2. Enter the question you want to ask in the “Text Prompt” box and label the question in the “Subject/Field Name” box.
  3. If you want the field to be required check the “Field required” box.
  4. Click the green “Create Question” button.