Display Media in a Module

To display live or pre-recorded media in your event first create a basic module.

To do this

  1. Click the “Add Sidebar Module” button on the sidebar to the left. Alternatively, you can add a module by going to event settings by clicking the small cog wheel at the bottom of the side bar and selecting “Event Settings” then “All Modules”. On the next page click the “New Module” button to the right.
  2. Select “Basic Module” from the options list and then click “Create Module”.
  3. Now access the settings menu for this module by clicking the “Settings” button on the sidebar and select the “Media Panel” options.
  4. Check the box on right which reads “Enable media panel?”
  5. If you want your guests to see the video immediately when they access the module, check the box which reads “Start with media open?”
  6. Select “YouTube” or “Vimeo” or “Video Meeting” (depending on your requirements) for “Presentation Type”
  7. Obtain the video URL from your source and enter into the field below (“YouTube URL” etc)
  8. Click “Save and Exit”

The other options in the “Media Panel” settings list are only relevant if your media stream isn’t playing when your guests enter the module (for example if you want to embed a live stream).

For more information on other media types and options for displaying them check out the other videos in this section.