Manage Invited Guests

  1. Access the general settings menu and select “Event Settings”, then “Connected Users”. This will take you to a page where you can manage who is invited to your event.
  2. Here you can see which invitations you have already sent. Invitations which were successfully sent are coloured green. If an invitation has been accepted the “thumbs-up” symbol will be coloured green. If it has been rejected the “thumbs-up” symbol will be coloured red.
  3. You can also see if guests have purchased a ticket and whether they have completed their profile, as well as their status if they have been designated as moderators or managers for the event.
  4. If they have been locked out of the event then the padlock symbol to the right will be coloured in. To change any of these settings, click the “Manage” button to the right and select the relevant setting from the menu. You can also resend invitations here.
  5. The list of guests is searchable, if you need to search for a guest type their name into the search bar. To view more information about your guests simply click their name and take any of the actions mentioned before.