Build a schedule

You can build an interactive schedule within any event space so that guests can easily see what’s going on and when.

  1. To do this click the “Add Sidebar Module” button on the sidebar to the left. Then type a name for your schedule in the first field of the window which appears.
  2. Select “Schedule View” from the “Module Type” drop down menu.
  3. Next click “Create Module”. You can type some descriptive text if you need to.
  4. Check the “Published and Live” box and click “Save and Exit”. This will now take you to the schedule page.
  5. Click on the “Add Module” button in the centre of the screen in order to start creating the schedule.
  6. Under “Module Name” type the name of the part of the event which you need to display within the schedule. For example “Key Note Speech” or “Shareholders Q&A”.
  7. Next, scroll down to the “Start Time” field at the bottom of the menu and insert the correct date and timings for the session. On the right mark when the event will finish in the “End Time” field.
  8. Then click “Create Module”. This will take you to the settings for the scheduled timing slot you have just created where you can fill in further details to be displayed on the Schedule View.
  9. Enter any relevant information and check the “Published and Live” box. Then click “Save and Exit”

You can add as many time slots as you like to the schedule and change the information displayed in each one, as well as which users it is visible to. All of this is done within the general settings menu for each scheduled module you create. In this video you can see an example which we built previously in this way.