Accepting an Invitation

Accepting Invitations to an Event or Event Space

When you are invited to an event you will receive an email invitation from the event organisers (not from Connect My Event). The invitation email may look something like this, but the wording and logo can be changed by the organisers:

a Connect My Event email invitation

To accept the invitation, click the button at the bottom of the email. This will usually say “Access the event”, but the text on the button may be worded differently by the event organiser.

New users to CME

If you have never used CME before, you will be prompted to create a new account. For more help with this page, click here.

Users with an existing CME Account

If you have already created a CME account, your email address will be linked to that account, so you will reach the login page.

Accepting your invitation

Once you have logged in or created your free account, you can accept the invitation to the new event by clicking “Accept Invitation”.